education expenses

planning for child’s education

Planning for our child’s education can be an education in itself. Since this goal has a lot of emotional value attached to it, it can lead to some stress. Before we start estimating the amount we need, it is better to research thoroughly without falling for hearsay. Finding out all the actual numbers, breakups, scholarships, offers and the whole deal is important before we start setting aside a fund for the same. 

An education fund is no longer just about the fee for a course. It must include all other incidental expenses too. These expenses can be categorised into the following:

1. One-Time Expenses:

a.Preparatory Expenses
b.Application and Admissions

These days, admission to any professional course like AIEEE, JET, GMAT, GRE, CAT requires enrolling in coaching classes. The expense you incur on a coaching class may vary from the course you choose and the city of residence. For example, coaching for MBA Entrance exam can range from Rs. 8,000 – 35,000; depending on the nature of the classes. Some courses like Chartered Accountancy may even require coaching for longer period of time.

Almost all colleges that our child would apply to would have an admission form, which would be an additional cost. For students applying abroad, application process may also include expenses incurred while acquiring and shipping transcripts and other collaterals.

The fund that we propose to build, should meet the costs of your child’s coaching and application procedures.


a.Course fee
b.Travel and Hostel Fee
c.Living Expenses

The fee charged for a course varies across institutes and disciplines; professional courses like Engineering or Medicine often are more expensive than those offered under Arts and Humanities. As a matter of fact, fee for a common course like a B.Tech can vary depending on the college, country or university. The financial advantage we have is that the course fee can be paid over the duration of the course; We have a little more time to accumulate it. Apart from a lumpsum amount to be paid at the time of admission, we can cover the fee amount easily if we create a fund accumulation schedule.

Let us not forget that if our child is commuting daily to college, we might want to set aside funds for their travel and daily expenses. And if our child gets admission to college in a different state or city, we might have to include their hostel and mess fees, and travel expenses.  We might also want to plan for our travel expenses, for all the times we miss them!

By now we have a fair estimate about the expenses we might incur, so how do we go about planning for them?

Estimating the money we need at every stage and we also know how much time we have to save for which expense. For example, if our child is in class 10, then we have to first put aside money for the expenses of his entrance exam coaching, now. This expense is due in less than 12 months! For the farthest requirement, the best thing to do is to invest in equity, like the post graduation fee.  We have at least 5 years before it falls due. For the short term requirements we need to invest either in debt funds or in bank deposits. This way we will be able to balance both return and time risk.

The soundest of all financial advice is to stay away from loans as much as possible. So let us make it sure an education loan is our last option.

While planning for our child’s education fund, we have also to plan to sufficiently providing for our retirement. Unless we balance our retirement with our other goals, we will end up into a financial strain on the very child whose education  we are planning for with so much care.




Scholarships – oxford university scholarships

 The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate honors supporting extraordinary all-round understudies at the University of Oxford and giving transformative chances to outstanding people.

Every year, a class of 95 Scholars is chosen from Australia, Bermuda, Canada, China, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Jamaica and the Commonwealth Caribbean, Kenya, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Southern Africa (counting South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Namibia and Swaziland),  Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, United Arab Emirates, United States, West Africa (from 2018), Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The Rhodes Trust concentrates on four criteria which are utilized as a part of the choice of Scholars:
1.Scholarly and academic fulfillments.
2.Vitality to utilize ones¹s gifts to the full, for instance through       accomplishment in ranges, for example, sports, music, face off regarding, move, theatre and creative interests, especially where collaboration is included.

3.Truth, bravery, commitment to obligation, sensitivity for and security of the frail, charity, unselfishness and cooperation

4.Moral power of character and impulses to lead, and to take an enthusiasm for one’s kindred creatures.

To put it plainly, Rhodes Scholarship determination boards of trustees look for young ladies and men of remarkable acumen, character, initiative, and duty to benefit. The Rhodes Scholarships bolster understudies who show a solid penchant to rise as ‘pioneers for the world’s future’.

A Rhodes Scholarship covers all college and school charges, an individual stipend and one economy class airfare to Oxford toward the begin of the Scholarship and in addition an economy flight back to the understudy’s nation of origin at the finish of the Scholarship.


The undermentioned  qualification criteria apply to all candidates for the Rhodes Scholarships:

1.CITIZENSHIP AND RESIDENCY: Each candidate must satisfy the citizenship and residency prerequisites of the Rhodes voting public for which they are applying.


a. Candidate must be a citizen of India, holding an Indian passport, or equivalent proof of citizenship; PIO or OCI card holders are not eligible

b. He/She must have completed, or be due to complete by 1 October 2017, his/her undergraduate degree with First Class, or equivalent.

c. He must have undertaken formal study at an educational institution in India for a minimum of 4 of the last 10 years, and have either (i) completed a school leaving exam (10th or 12th standard) at a school in India, or (ii) have received, or be in the final year of, an undergraduate degree at a university in India. Please note that only one of the five available Scholarships (and in exceptional cases, two) may be awarded to candidates who are pursuing, or have pursued, their undergraduate studies abroad.

AGE:.  He/She must have attained his 19th birthday, and not  passed  25th birthday at 1 October 2017, i.e.,  must have been born after 30 September 1992 and on or before 1 October 1998.

NB: For medical students and medical doctors who are pursuing, or who have completed, their one-year internship (CRRI), the age limit is extended by one year; in these cases, He/She must have been born after 30 September 1991 and on or before 1 October 1998.


a. All applications must be submitted by 31 July 2016. The preferred means of application is on-line via the link to be published on the Rhodes Trust website from THE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPS 2017 INDIA INFORMATION FOR CANDIDATES For election for 2017 only . Candidates who have difficulty submitting the application on-line should submit applications by registered post to the National Secretary after completing and printing the online application in full and attaching copies of all relevant documents. The completed application may be sent to the following address: The Secretary, Rhodes Scholarships (India) International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB), PO Box 10504, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi – 110 067

b. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a preliminary, personal interview at regional centres, which may include Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. Candidates not ordinarily resident in India may be interviewed preliminarily by video conference or telephone. Candidates selected from these preliminary interviews will be called for a final in-person interview, on a date between October and December 2016. No candidate can be selected without appearing in person for the final interview. The granting of an interview is entirely within the discretion of the Selection Committee. The final selection is confirmed by the Rhodes Trustees, who rely on selection procedures undertaken by selection committees in each constituency.

c. A selection committee will make no nomination if it is of the opinion that there is no sufficiently qualified candidate.

d. Travel expenses (2nd class return rail fare) for candidates invited for the final interview will be paid by the Rhodes Trust. International travel will not be reimbursed.

e. Candidates for interview must bring with them original certificates and documents submitted online.

f. Candidates who do not receive further communication by 1 December 2016 should assume that their application has been unsuccessful.

g. Selection panels recommend, the National Secretary endorses, and the Warden of Rhodes House approves the nomination of a scholar elect. Where there is doubt, the Trustees reserve complete discretion to determine the eligibility or otherwise of the candidate. The Rhodes Trust and Oxford University require that selection for a Scholarship and for admission to the University will be without regard to marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, sex and gender, religion, sexual orientation, social background, disability, caste or other irrelevant distinction. Financial need gives no special claim to a Rhodes Scholarship. Married candidates should note that the Scholarship stipend is sufficient for one person and no financial provision is made for spouses or dependents

4.IMPORTANT DATE :  Applications must be submitted by midnight July 31, 2016.

Therefore it is for the outstanding students fulfilling the stipulated eligibility criteria and ambitious of doing something great, to take seedy action in submission of their applications since the deadline is approaching fast.



Overseas Education- Preparation

Overseas Education -preplan

Of late number of students from India are aspiring for overseas education for undergraduate  studies and Post Graduation courses, in relatively newer study destinations which offer a range of  professional courses.   Popular courses amongst the students being Engineering,  Architecture, Design, Economics, Management etc.,   main factors influencing the decision will be the cost of the course and post course employment potentiality both in India and abroad.

In order to ensure stress free application, it is necessary to plan at least one year ahead of the term in which the student wishes to join.  By keeping certain things as mentioned below in view and  planning  for schematic approach avoids the tension and stress.  Although Overseas Education Counsellors , Consultancies helps  a  lot  at all stages,  preplanning and being proactive  saves time and enables smooth processing.

STUDY DESTINATION:  First and foremost thing is taking the decision about Study Destination,  which will be based on the factors like the total cost of the Study program, Standard of living (living expenditure), Travel  costs, Insurance etc.,  Further  short listing of Universities and Countries, shall be by keeping in view the  International rankings and course modules.  Considering  all these factors, it would be better to shortlist about 10 to 12 preferred universities.  In this connection we can seek the help of Consultancies or  Overseas Education Counsellors  who will be of great help.

EMPLOYMENT POTENTIALITY: Secondly  we should explore  about the employable opportunities after completion of the course offered by the universities of our preference,  both in India and abroad.  In this regard,  post  study work  visa rules and  long term stay visa regulations of that country have to be taken into consideration.  This information and also assistance with regard  to visa rules and in making application can be  availed from the concerned agencies.

PREPARATION FOR TESTS: As  required by various universities in several countries,  required tests with regard to proof of fluency in  English language,   viz., TOEFL, IELTS, PTE etc.,  For this purpose, by  following  the  instructions on the respective website, proper planning shall have to be made to complete these tests and also  ensuring  any other special tests, if necessitated by certain        universities.   In case  of Post Graduation courses  and  for Management courses , scores in GRE, GMAT will be needed.  In preparing for these tests, there is  good number of institutions imparting  necessary coaching/training  to get through these tests.

SUBMISSION: All the relevant documents, such as Academic  certificates, Marks sheets, Financial documents, Statements  of  purpose,  Sponsor  letters etc.,  are to be kept in place.  These copies may have to be uploaded online  along with the  application or as  advised.  Further a resume detailing  academic achievements, extra – curricular activities etc., can be forwarded with the application.

TRACKING: After filing the online application with all relevant details,  tracking  the  application at  regular intervals with the  ID provided by each university has to be done on regular basis.  While  submitting application,  it is to be ensured that all the relevant documents are  in place with  the  application and we have to wait for admit notification usually till the  months of March or April.

OFFER :  Once communication is received from the  university  offering the  course,  we have to send acceptance  letter along with  the  deposit amount and wait for  the letter of acceptance from  the university, which  will be  needed for  applying  for Student Visa.

student visa-application

student visa- requirements

STUDENT VISA:  On receipt of  letter  of acceptance from the university of our  preference,  we have  to apply for Student Visa and prepare for  travel arrangements.  While applying for Visa  some countries may also ask the reports  of few medical tests.  While  attending for visa interview,  we have to carry  all original documents etc., with copies on pen drive.  It is very important to know about the requirements of visa, since different countries may be having different rules in certain aspects.  Hence  if we are not well aware  of these things  and not adhered to the  rules properly,  it may even lead to rejection of visa.  Therefore every care is to be taken while applying for  Visa and if  felt necessary help of the agencies concerned may be  availed for applying  visa.

Thus we should plan for all these things with care and caution at all stages since this process involves lengthy procedure and considerable time.  Preplanning  and some proactiveness  by  taking help/assistance whenever required by relevant agencies will  certainly ensure smooth process.



overseas education

overseas education-process

Overseas Education refers to education/studies in foreign countries in general.  Though overseas literally means across or beyond the sea, the term is used  in common for foreign education/study abroad.

Of late overseas education programs have great fascination amongst the student community, due to  various factors. Now the favorite education destinations for  abroad study are aplenty.  Though USA is most attracted destination for majority of student fraternity,  other favorite places being UK, Canada, Germany, Australia, Newzealand, Singapore and many more countries  in Asia and  Europe, depending upon the facilities and advantages in respective places.

WHY STUDY ABROAD: Globally now amazing educational opportunities are available  for students.  Ease in getting Bank loans to study abroad is one more factor that can realize the dream of overseas education for majority of students. Now  almost all nationalized Banks  and  Private Banks are extending bank loans liberally under various schemes for overseas education for students to enable the large number of students to pursue for abroad studies.

There are several premium institutions like IITs and IIMs imparting quality education and amazing facilities to students in India, but the competition for admissions in these institutions is intense.  While plenty of best   colleges are available across the world with amazing amenities and the admissions are also not of that difficult.  Quality education system with result oriented programs with amazing facilities, culturally stimulating environment and student friendly faculty are the reasons to prefer for study abroad by the students.

PLANNING FOR OVERSEAS EDUCATION: Planning for overseas education is a challenging task, as it is a prolonged process with a series  of  Stages/Technical issues.  In this connection guidance of experts in this field will be of a great help at every stage,  viz.,  exploring best options, shortlisting best options, making application, selection, student visa process,  post-selection process assistance etc., .  The  Education Advisers/Study Abroad Agencies, which are  in large numbers in almost all states/cities are offering  invaluable services to the aspiring candidates in ensuring best possible terms/facilities/scholarships etc.  They assist us in the process of applying to universities abroad to a great extent and they can make our overseas education plan easier and help us to overcome confusion and from getting out from a state of indecision.

We all know that the lists of options for overseas education have no limits and it is  not of that easy to shortlist  the  best options, out of  a lot of  seemingly suitable options.  In this connection the  Educational Consultancies/ Agencies plays  important role in this process. They help us  in short listing the best options from the available hundreds of  international universities, offering quality education apart from various facilities.  Further the Overseas  Education Adviser after going through the student’s profile thoroughly, their interests and strengths,  suggests the suitable Courses, Scholarships, Universities and locations.

If the initial process is started well, the whole process and the best possible choice of institution/location and the course , with best Educational facilities, Scholarships etc.,  would be possible.

The Consulting Agencies with an enriched experience from a considerable time, say even for a decade or more  in this field are associated with hundreds  of reputed universities across the world, are helping in getting admissions for their clients with best possible terms.

They are promoting the concept of overseas education  by conducting overseas education awareness seminars/education fairs, Spot admissions  in association with numerous International Universities in various cities, Personality development workshops for aspiring candidates, career  related programs to empower and educate the students to explore their hidden potential.


student visa-process

student visa-application

After getting confirmation from the university for a course, another important thing is process of Student Visa. Even for this there are good number of agencies to help us in knowing the rules, making application for Student Visa, some “dos and don’ts” since the  different countries are having their own rules in regulating the visa process of that country.  If visa is not granted for one or other reason,  the entire process will be a futile exercise.  Hence every care must be taken while applying for visa and at the time of appearing for visa interview with all relevant records/documents,  otherwise precious time/money and energies are wasted.  Therefore if we are not well aware of the process of visa, it would be better and wise to take the assistance of these agencies.

ADVANTAGES:  1. The international exposure enables the student to become the global player.  2.Opens up opportunities in International job market.  3.This adds the value  to our CV.   4.Broadens our horizon. 5.Quality education ensures best employment opportunities both  at national and international levels.   6.  Scholarships  for meritorious/ deserving candidates.

In view of the aforesaid advantages, it is worth to take the challenge in realizing the dream of overseas education by proper planning  at all stages and it will motivate the student in reaching their future goals.



General insurance-risk coverage

General Insurance- importance

Insurance is one type of financial risk management, wherein  the insured person shifts the burden of possible risks of financial loss  on the insurance company. The insurance company accepts these risks in consideration of the premium amounts paid by the insured person.

The risks of financial loss may be to the life of the insured person or for his health, property, business and other belongings.  Further the risks may be due to varied reasons,  viz.,  death of the person, ill-health,  accident, loss /damage to the property, business, house, vehicles, costly machinery etc.,  which may be due to fire, floods, thefts or some other cause.

Insurance can be classified under two heads, i.e.,   Life  insurance which deals with  the  compensation against the life/death of the insured person and the other one being General Insurance, which covers all sorts of risks, except life/death of the insured.  Various forms/products of General Insurance constitutes  risks against the personal injuries due to accidents, health insurance, property insurance, i.e., home, vehicles, business, work-spots, machinery, costly household articles/jewellery, transport of goods, travel insurance etc.,

IMPORTANCE OF INSURANCE:  We are all aware that in the present busy and stress filled work atmosphere, we are frequently subjected to various risks  in our day today activities.  They may be accidents while proceeding or  returning from our work-spots, fire accidents, thefts of vehicles/ valuable articles/jewellery etc., .  It may also be damages to houses or loss to business/ vehicles involving in accidents etc.,  Like this  we  are having  so many possible risks in our daily life, which are not desirable.

We can cover all such risks by taking General Insurance policy, thereby we can  be free and relieved from all sorts  of tensions.  Insuring for  all such risks, gives us mental peace, confidence and relief from mental agony for the losses we may accrue.  Insurance makes us to feel confident and allows us to take decisions boldly without hesitation in our business activities, it is because even if we sustain some losses, we will be having the protection/coverage.   In case of serious ill-health issues(like heart diseases, cancer, renal problems etc.,) huge  expenses are involved towards medicare.  In such cases apart from mental trauma, the huge burden of medicare will be hazardous. If we had the coverage of health insurance, we are relieved from financial implications, which would be a great relief.  Similarly the coverage of risks of losses due to thefts, fire  accidents, road accidents, floods etc., to our properties, machinery, valuable articles/ jewellery is very much needed.


General Insurance -types

One more important aspect is that  in case of road accidents, sudden and unexpected events leading to physical and mental effects, may involve heavy expenditure for health care and damages to our vehicles and of other road users and to their vehicles/belongings as well.   In such circumstances the insurance coverage is  a must and the automobile insurance is mandatory not only in our country but also in almost all the countries in the world, in one or other form.

Similarly  Insurance for Transportation  of goods, Machinery, other valuable articles of household etc., is very important since  the damages, losses may occur now and then due to road accidents, fire, floods,thefts etc.,  while transporting from one  place to other .  If they have the  coverage we can be free from tension of their safe reach to the destination or else compensation will be available.  Likewise, travel insurance for safeguarding our interests.

GENERAL INSURANCE PRODUCTS: Now there are so many options available in the market for General Insurance products from various Insurance Companies.  We can also have a lot of information about the coverage  of risks, claims procedure,claims settlement record/history etc., online, pertaining to different insurance companies also.  We can also take the help of insurance agents, in getting all the details, hidden costs, discounts etc., while going to take an insurance policy.

With the information available,  we can crosscheck the details and comparative study of offers/discounts, selection of a suitable policy/ Insurance company  will not be a difficult thing.

In view of the aforesaid reasons and benefits, we  can consider that General Insurance products are not only important but also essential to lead a peaceful and  risk free life.  Therefore let us plan in a proper manner to have a good General Insurance Policy to suit to all our  requirements of our present and future.

By looking into above aspects, it appears that we should have General Insurance products to cover all sorts of risks.  But premium costs to have coverage for all sorts of risks, may not be of that easy and it may result that we may be left with nothing to purchase any other things other than  Insurance products.  In this context we should acknowledge that premium amounts we  will be paying to insurance companies constitutes our savings for our future needs  of healthcare/ possible losses for one or other reason, to get/claim  in the form of compensation from insurance.  It is therefore, we need not think that premium amounts are expensive, rather  we could consider them as our savings to meet our future needs.   One more aspect is that some products of Insurance like Health Insurance,  even qualify for Income Tax benefits under Section 80D.  However,  we should plan in such a manner that all important risks that are likely to cause heavy losses have to be given due importance.  Further addition of  various  risks and reasons put together, also often leads to offer some discounts in the premium amounts

By keeping all these things in view, let us plan for a suitable General Insurance Policy , thereby  let us keep ourselves  from all tensions  .




health insurance

Health Insurance-affordable plans

Health Insurance is one type  of insurance that covers our medical and surgical expenses.  It is the arrangement between the insurer and an individual/group, wherein the insurer provides specified health insurance cover fora particular premium.

IMPORTANCE: We are all well  aware that financial burden of  medical costs is increasing continuously and it is more than 10% annually.  The situation is almost same both in rural areas and urban areas.  Changes in Lifestyles, sedentary work habits, imbibing westernized culture etc., are leading  to increased lifestyle disorders/ diseases, such as obesity, diabetes, which in turn leading to Blood Pressure, Heart diseases, Renal problems, Blindness and many more complications.  Incidence of these diseases is increasing in such a pace that the medical experts predicts that our country will be the cancer and diabetes capital of the world with in a short period.

Though these diseases can be treated to a great extent due to the advanced medical technology, the costs of the treatment are exorbitantly high, due to the requirement of sophisticated equipment and trained manpower(Medical Specialists). Today  about 10 Crore people are suffering from diabetes and every year over a million cases of cancer  are reported in India.  The costs of treatment of these diseases are beyond the financial means of most of Indians today. More than 40 % of  these patients requiring hospitalization for treatment, either borrow the money or sell their assets to meet their medical expenditure.  A report says 80 % of expenditure on healthcare is incurred by the people from their pockets and it amounts to about 4 crore people in India are going poorer due to expenditure on medical treatment.

These facts necessitates to take health insurance policies by one and all for  our present day or at least for our future needs.

HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS:In India earlier,  Life Insurance Corporation of India and General Insurance  Corporation were providing  Health Insurance services .  Now with the emergence of private participation, several Banks and Financial Institutions are competing to offer health insurance under various plans.   Now there are several websites online offering  insurance plans and comparative statements of different plans to make a better choice and to take a suitable plan with ease.

But most of us tend to neglect this aspect or postponing from time to time, thinking that we are healthy and  also about financial commitment towards medical insurance premiums/policies. But it is important to take health insurance policy while we are healthy as a precautionary measure .  Insurance advisers also will be pursuing the people who are in healthy condition and avoid those who are with preexisting condition. If we approach the insurance people  when ill-health condition and symptoms show up,  they do not take the cases instantly and even if they take, they will not cover the existing condition till four years. It is therefore better/wise to go for health insurance while we are healthy, so that in case any condition/ symptom  show up, we will have the coverage.

Another important thing is while we are going for health insurance, we should ensure ourselves that proper and adequate coverage is available.  In the present circumstances, if we propose to take a policy for single or couple with no children, at least three lakhs coverage is to be taken and in case of a family of four, it should be at least for five lakhs and more is better.  It is because having insurance of lesser coverage is almost same as not having any insurance at all.

Whether one is a salaried employee in Government or Private Sector, runs own business  or some other activity,  he/she needs right medical coverage.  In case of employees, the coverage provided by their employers may be a basic cover during employment  and no protection when out of job. On retirement companies do not provide health cover, but we need it most post-retirement period and insurance premiums are very high at that age.  Companies are extending protection to families, i.e., their children and spouse or parents in some cases for both also.

However one should ensure that the coverage available is adequate and if not,  to take a personal health insurance policy to cover the gap. Besides we can also avail income tax benefit under Section 80 D.

Now  several health insurance plans are available in the market to suit to group/individual needs.  With so many options available and  can be taken very easily even on line. But while going for this, we should research well and with the comparative reports available online and if needed opinion of an expert in this field can also be taken before  finalizing a plan which suits to our  requirements.



insurance-risk coverage

Insurance-social security

Insurance is one type  of risk management, i.e., to compensate  the risk  of financial loss, arising due to loss of person / property by way of accident, death, fire, floods and other natural calamities. In other words, insurance provides  compensation to insured for incurring loss due to misfortune, accident or natural calamities or against specified possible risks.  Insurance protects the insured person from various risks/ losses related to health, death,  home, property and financial matters.

The objective of the insurance is to compensate the insured person from the losses arising from various risks, expected from his life,  property, business etc.,  and for which he will be  paying the agreed premium periodically, either monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually.

Insurance involves  pooling of funds from all the insured persons in the form of premium amounts and from which only some people will be paid who incurred such losses. With this arrangement, the insured person is protected from the risks for a fee , which will be fixed by  insurance company depending  on various factors.

Insurance  is essential to protect us from any  possible loss, which may cause due to one or more reasons.  Hence coverage of all types  of risks for insurance is a good idea, but the cost of the  premium charged by the insurance company, for  such risks will be the deciding factor.   Affordability of a person to pay the premium amount decides the extent of insurance that he can go for.

Primary objective being the social security for life insurance,  the returns were used to be as compensation for losses, annuities in the form of  assured amounts after  maturity of policies and subsequently now in the form of  pension schemes also. Gradually became a source of financing for housing schemes for the policy holders.

Insurance has been a form of savings in India and in many developing countries, in the form of insurance plans and policies.  Growth in insurance of the individuals and insurance companies can be seen when the income levels improves in the country.  As the main objective of the insurance being the coverage of risks, returns  from the premium amounts as investments are meager,  in comparison to various forms  of investments, offered by banks and various financial institutions. Banks, Financial Institutions now offer  various options / schemes with attractive returns. However insurance schemes are still  preferred as Income Tax saving/efficient scheme by many  salaried employees.

Initially there were only two insurance companies in the insurance sector, viz.,  Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) and General Insurance Corporation of India (GIC).  Further  various developments in the insurance sector, led to emerging private  players, viz., Public and Private Sector Banks, Financial Institutions etc.,  in insurance sector and the competition has now grown  up to its peak.  This resulting in various products  /schemes, to suit the individual needs, like education for children, housing, marriages, tax savings schemes etc.,

The representatives of Insurance  companies, say  Insurance Agents/Insurance  Advisers usually take more  care and interest in selling their products/schemes  rather than explaining the pros and cons of the schemes,  importance  in giving /filling the details in the insurance proposal forms.  This often leads to omissions/suppression of facts about health condition, previous history of the person etc. due to negligence or ignorance, which may cause much inconvenience and  even lead to rejection of claims to the nominees/beneficiaries, when they are actually in need, thereby  the very purpose of insurance is defeated.

Therefore the  representatives of insurance companies while preparing the proposal for insurance, have to explain all the details clearly to the insuring person and the consequences that may  happen due to omission or suppression of facts, health condition etc., Further the terms and conditions of the policy shall be made clear, since majority of the  insuring persons will be signing the proposal form without going through the proposal form thoroughly.



masters rogram-admissions

forensic science-masters program

Gujarat Forensic Sciences University,  recognized by  University Grants Commission has so far launched several unique and  specialized  programs.  Now keeping in view of huge demand for Homeland Security and Anti-terrorism experts, institute of Forensic Sciences of this university started a Masters program of two years duration in this branch recently,  which is first of its kind in Asia and the entire batch got one hundred percent placements.  Now admissions are open for this academic program commencing soon.

NAME OF THE PROGRAM: M.Sc. (Homeland Security & Anti-terrorism).

DURATION: Two years full time program.

ELIGIBILITY:  Graduates from Science  or Technology.

HIGHLIGHTS : 1. This program is first of its kind in Asia and the first batch has got100 % placements.

2.Technology for testing of body protection materials in the Ballistics range is available.

3.Threat shield laboratory with cyber security.

4.Issues  related to securing the critical  infrastructure such as ports, Airports, Power Grids, water Grids, Energy Grids etc.,

5.Disaster management and Robotics.

Admissions for this program are now open and applications are invited from the interested  candidates for this unique program up to  19.08.2015.

Candidates interested in this field and fulfilling the eligibility criteria can opt for this unique program in view of the huge demand in the present context of the country  and the world as well.  For still more details such as course structure, fee, campus and hostel facilities etc., the   institute may be contacted or through their website.






Cancer is a group of  diseases involving abnormal growth in cells with little or no control,  usually forming lumps or masses of tissue called tumors. There are more than hundred types of cancers, which are named after the organ or cell, where it originated. Some cancers can spread to other parts/organs of the body also.

SYMPTOMS: Indigestion, frequent urination, nagging back pain,we just think as common minor health problems, which may not need to visit a doctor.  But now it is to think about these things once again, since symptoms of  cancers are not clear sometimes.  For instance, prostate cancer, very  common in men, shows very less obvious symptoms.  It is therefore  we should be cautious of health condition nowadays.  If there is any change in the body  and if we observe any  unusual symptoms, we better to report to our doctor at once.

The unusual observations we report to doctor will make him to find if there is any cancer early and about its stage/condition etc.,  It is important to diagnose the evidence of cancer and its stage as early as possible, to treat it at an early stage and if otherwise it may turn to fatality. In view of the seriousness of the disease, the medical experts shares some of the common cancer symptoms which are as follows.

1ABNORMAL LUMP:  If we feel a mass or lump just below the skin and usually  show up in the breasts,  testicles, lymph nodes and soft tissues, it may sometimes be a sign of cancer. In any case, it is  better to immediately report to doctor and to inform whether it was just observed or growing in size or otherwise.

2.CHANGES IN TESTICLES: In case we notice any changes in the size of testicles, either in one or both or became bigger, even if found lump or swollen, such changes have to lead us for immediate check with the doctor.  It is due  to the reason that testicular cancers are most common in young and middle aged men.

3.REST ROOM HABITS:  If we  have to go to bathrooms/rest room frequently and experiencing pain , observed blood in urine or stools, constipation or diarrhea, or any other abnormalities, it may be indicating to bladder or prostate cancer.

4. CHANGES IN THE SKIN: If we are working longer hours outside and exposing to sunburns, unusual bleeding, scales or sores not healing  etc., and also moles and worts, changing in color, size and shapes, we may doubt for skin cancer, which needs to be verified with a doctor without further loss of time.

5.INDIGESTION OR TROUBLE IN SWALLOWING: Prolonged painful burning sensation in the throat or chest  can not be ignored, Even it may be also due to spicy food or not to be taken just as due to aging either.  This is because that these disorders may also  be pointing to throat or stomach cancers also.

6. COUGH:  If we are getting cough frequently and not lasting early  and even smokers or non-smokers as well, it is not a good sign since it may be indicating the lung cancer.  Wheezing, shortness of breath or coughing up blood are also the signs needing to visit the doctor  without wasting time.

7.SMOKING AND CHEWING TOBACCO:  The smokers and/ or chewers of  tobacco, if observes white patches inside the mouth or on the tongue  may be precarious, requiring immediate  attention and if left unattended, may lead to fatality.

8.WEIGHT LOSS:  If we are losing weight considerably, even without change in diet or exercise, or even if we are thinking/trying  to lose weight, it is better to be verified with the doctor once.  This is because  losing  5 or more KGs without well known reasons, may also showing the signs of pancreatic, stomach, oesophagus or lung cancer.

9. FATIGUE:  If we are getting tired constantly, though we are taking sufficient rest, it shall not be ignored.  Consistent fatigue may also be a sign of Lukemia or colon and stomach cancer.

10. PERSISTENT PAIN:  Nagging back pain, a continuous headache or abdominal or stomach pain has to be attended to.    Persistent pain at any part of the body, can also be the first sign that everything is not right.

All the above symptoms seems to be  common amongst us at one or other time but if persisting and unusually continuing , it is better to go for a medical check without neglecting.   As the occurrence of cancer in our  country is rampant and has become very common leading to large number of deaths,  we cannot afford to ignore about it any more.  If any such symptoms are  reported to Doctor and in case  it is reported positive, immediate action helps to take corrective action promptly.  Considering the seriousness of the matter,  let us also try to give  wide publicity amongst our friends, relatives and everywhere and anywhere in any  possible manner, in chitchat, discussions in groups etc., by which we will also be able to help in checking to some extent this  deadliest disease , which is now the major cause of death  especially in men.



jobs-nfc- Recruitment


National Fertilizers Corporation(NFC), a Government of India Enterprise has five gas based Urea plants in Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh states.  Its Panipat unit of Haryana State intends to fill  39 Junior Engineering Assistants posts.  In this connection   applications are invited from the eligible candidates to submit through online mode  latest by 20.08.2015.

NAME OF THE POSTS: Junior Engineering Assistants- 39  posts.        (Production -19, Mechanical-7, Electrical-4 and Instrumentation- 9 ).


AGE LIMIT: Minimum and Maximum age limits are 18 and  30 years respectively  as on 01.07.2015.

AGE RELAXATION: Age relaxation of 5 years for SC/ST,  3 years for OBC and 10 years for PWD candidates is applicable.

EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS:  Candidates should be graduates of B.Sc. (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) or Diploma holders in Chemical/ Mechanical/ Electrical/ Instrumentation/ Electronics Engineering from University/ Institute recognized by UGC/ AICTE.

PAY SCALE: Rs.9000- 16,400/-.

SELECTION : Selection process will be based on Written Test.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested candidates can apply through online mode from the website of NFC latest by 20.08.2015.

Candidates interested in the above positions and fulfilling the eligibility criteria can submit their applications through online mode duly following the instructions from the website.  For further details or for online registration link, the website of NFC may be referred.